Stepping and Decorative Stones for Your Lawn, Garden, and Driveway

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Keeping the grass green in areas of heavy foot traffic can be a challenge. One way to keep your grass healthy while still letting family members and friends enjoy your outdoor space is to decorate with stepping stones and colourful decorative stones.

The stepping stones from Bibra Lake Soils help to eliminate trampled grass areas and dead grass zones around your property. Decorative stones from Bibra Lake Soils can be effectively used to lay down attractive walkways around your property in areas that see a lot of foot traffic.

Those areas can be through flower gardens, around the base of shrubs, trees, and large plants, and as a walkway from a driveway to your front door.

Stepping stones are an excellent way to add a personal, decorative path that lets anyone walk between two points in and around your home. The stepping stones can be a pathway from a backyard gate or a driveway to your house, or from your house to a flower garden, vegetable garden, tool shed, rock garden, garage, or any other landscaped location, and as a creative touch around your patio or pool.

Decorative stones come in a variety of colours and textures that will either blend in or contrast with your home’s exterior, depending on your personal preference. The decorative stones help to keep foot traffic off of your well kept lawn while still letting everyone enjoy the outdoors.

Some Tips to Consider When you Decide to Lay Out Stepping Stones:

  1. Stepping stones on grassIt is beneficial to place the stepping stones deep enough into the ground to be level with, or just slightly below the grass level. This lets you cut the grass without needing to go around the stones and also avoids having anyone trip over the stones.
  2. Before actually putting the stone into place, line the spot underneath where the stone will be installed with a layer of gravel or crusted stones to establish an even resting place for the stone. This method will give stability to the stepping stones and keep them from sinking into the ground.
  3. If you prefer to have the stepping stones placed on top of the ground, surround the stones with some of the decorative stones available at Bibra Lake Soils. This method lets you cut the surrounding grass without disturbing the stepping stones.
  4. You can customise your stepping stones by painting them. You might like the stones to stand out from their surroundings with bright summery colours, or you can paint them with natural colours that resemble the hues of Mother Nature. If you have children, they might enjoy painting their names on the stones.
  5. If you are creating a walking path from a driveway to your house, you can highlight the stepping stones and decorative stones pathway with ground lights so that people can clearly see where they are walking.
  6. When using stepping stones around a pond or pool area, it is best to surround the stepping stones with decorative stones for a secure, comfortable walking path.
  7. Stepping stones can be placed along a sloping area for ease of going up and down the slope.

Some Tips to Consider When you Decide to Use Decorative Stones:

Decorative stones used in a garden

  1. Decorative stones can serve as a method of preserving water around plants, trees, shrubs, and gardens. With the hot, dry summer weather in the greater Perth area, being able to conserve water with decorative stones is both a money saving idea and a landscaping bonus.
  2. Decorative stones can serve as pathways to get from your house to any outdoor structure such as a shed, garden gate, pool, pond, rock garden, or gazebo. The decorative stones are both eye appealing and a way to keep foot traffic off of your grass.
  3. Driveways made from decorative stones enhance the curb appeal of your home and may add value to your home. Bibra Lake Soils Eco Rock stones are decorative stones created from cleaned and recycled crushed tiles and used bricks that look great and help the Eco environment.
  4. They can be added to your garden easily yourself, or you can use a professional landscaping service like Alessio’s Gardens to transform your garden using an array of different stones and plants.

Whether you are considering putting in stepping stones, or adding pathways with decorative stones, or a combination of both, the landscaping professionals at Bibra Lake Soils are ready to help with suggestions or to answer your questions.

You can call us on (08) 9434 2290, 7 days a week, or stop by our location at 222 Barrington Street, Bibra Lake, WA 6163 to speak with one of our friendly staff members and to see our colourful selection of stepping and decorative stones.