Bagged Products

We’ve Got You Covered in the Garden

From manure to lawn food, and everything in between, we stock a large range of bagged gardening products. Need advice on which product best suits your needs? Speak to a staff member in our yard or contact us here.

Bentonite Clay

Bentonite Clay

Watheroo Bentonite is used for lawns, vegetable gardens, shrubs and potted plants. It is safe for animals, ponds and micro-organisms.

​Turf Start

​Turf Start

Is your lawn looking tired? Turf Start acts as a organic fertiliser to give it that kick-start it sorely needs, particularly in the warmer months.

Wetter Soil

Wetter Soil

Looking for wetter Perth residents love for our climate? This wetter soil from Brunnings is ideal for gardens, pots and lawns.

Bagged FOGO compost

FOGO Compost

Elevate your garden with nutrient-rich bagged compost. Transform food organics into thriving plants. Your garden’s best-kept secret!

Sheep Manure

Sheep Manure

Give your garden/plants a much needed feed. Perfect for the veggie patch!


Lupin Mulch

This compost mulch is ideal for gardens, roses, flowering annuals, vegetables and fruit trees.

Lawn Food

Lawn Food

Suitable for all lawn types including the popular buffalo lawn. Get thicker, greener grass.


Sheep Manure

An all-purpose organic fertiliser that’s suitable for fertilising shrubs, trees, lawns, vegetables, fruit and flower gardens.


Blended Manure

Consists of a mixture of sheep manure, cow manure and chicken manure.

Cow Manure

Cow Manure

An all-purpose organic cow fertiliser suitable for fertilising trees, shrubs, lawns, vegetables and flower gardens.


Potting Mix

A good quality open draining mix suitable for most plants. It can be used in all types of containers; indoors or outdoors (including hanging baskets).


Soil Conditioner

A blend of selected well composted materials providing an excellent organic base for all types of soils.

Pine Bark

Pine Bark

Helps to acidify Perth’s limey/sandy soil, and improve your soil’s nutrient holding capacity.

Geggie & Tomato Growing Mix

Veggie & Tomato Growing Mix

Organic Soil Mix with Blood and Bone mixed throughout. Improves water retention and promotes root growth.

Soil Solver

Soil Solver

Soil Solver transforms sand into a rich and productive loam soil. It cures water repellence to hold moisture and nutrients longer.

soil solver rock minerals

Soil Solver Rock Minerals

Effective in restoring mineral content and long term health on sandy soils in Perth, helping plants to withstand pests and diseases.

soil solver compost plus minerals

Soil Solver Compost Plus Minerals

Organic fertiliser resulting in strong growth on lawns and gardens, as well as resistance to pests and diseases.

Western hay pea mulch

Western Hay Pea Mulch

Non GMO made for a variety of landscape projects. Used on its own or added on top of manure and compost materials to provide nutrition.

Perlite propagation solution


Mixing Perlite throughout your soil will form spaces allowing
water to flow freely through the root system and help improve aeration
and moisture retention.

Vermiculite bagged product


Clean, naturally occurring mineral. Ideal for propagation,
helping maintain moisture, regulating temperature, and aiding germination.