Decorative Stones

Popular Perth Decorative Stones

Decorative stones are popular for a variety of uses in the garden. You can use stones (and gravels) as:

  • A water saving mulch on your garden beds
  • To enhance your water feature by placing the stones at the base of the feature
  • As ground cover
  • For driveways
  • As a filler around pools and patios

20-30mm Winter Stone

This stone mix contains 95% white quartz.

Rainbow Quartz

Our most popular stone; can be used for just about any purpose around the home or garden.

Black Basalt

This darker stone provides a great contrast against lighter coloured water features, walls or patios.

Eco Rock

Tiles and brick that are crushed up, cleaned and recycled. Great for the environment!

12mm Crushed Pea Gravel

A rich red gravel that is easy to work with and provides a durable walkway for people and pets.

West Australian Natural River Pebbles

These 40-90mm pebbles are ideal for water features, ground cover and garden beds.

Eco Brick

Screened, recycled red brick and tile. Creates a fantastic brightly coloured stone mix.