Tropical Plus Mulch

A fine grade composted black mulch that is water-wise certified and environmentally friendly.

Why Use Tropical Plus Mulch?

Elevate your garden to a vibrant, lush oasis with Tropical Plus Mulch, the ideal solution for enhancing moisture retention, soil fertility, temperature stability, and providing robust protection against weeds, all while delivering a tropical aesthetic.

  • High Moisture Retention: Specifically formulated for the needs of tropical plants, this mulch helps to maintain a high level of moisture in the soil, crucial for tropical species that thrive in humid conditions.
  • Temperature and Humidity Regulation: It can help create and maintain a microclimate that simulates tropical conditions, which is essential for tropical plant health and growth in non-tropical environments.
  • Weed Suppression: Establishes a dense cover that minimises weed growth, ensuring your tropical plants receive all the nutrients without competition.
  • Enhanced Moisture Retention: This mulch significantly reduces water evaporation, keeping soil consistently moist and well-hydrated, crucial for tropical plant health.
  • Soil Fertility Improvement: As it breaks down, Tropical Plus Mulch adds valuable organic matter to the soil, enriching it with nutrients and improving soil texture for better root growth.
  • Temperature Regulation: Protects plant roots from extreme temperature shifts by insulating the soil, creating a more stable environment for tropical varieties.
  • Erosion Control: Helps to anchor soil in place, particularly important in areas prone to heavy rains, preserving your garden’s structure and nutrient profile.
  • Tropical Aesthetic: Enhances your garden’s appearance with a lush, vibrant look that complements tropical plants and creates an inviting, exotic atmosphere.

How to Use

Perfect for gardeners at any level, simply apply a 2-3 inch layer around plants and trees to harness these benefits. Transform your garden into a thriving tropical paradise with Tropical Plus Mulch, designed to support a healthy, dynamic ecosystem.


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