Limestone Blocks

Reconstituted Limestone Blocks

All of our blocks are made from reconstituted limestone. This durable material is extremely versatile and used in a number of settings around the home, garden and for housing developments.

How is Reconstituted Limestone Made?

The manufacturing process involves blending cement with crushed limestone. The cement makes these blocks particularly durable and suitable for a range of applications.

Due to their weight, we offer all of our customers FREE 2 hour use of our trailers. Alternatively, you can book one of our delivery options by speaking to a staff member.

limestone blocks 500x160x90 12kg

500x160x90 12kg

Limestone Blocks 400x200x100 13kg

400x200x100 13kg

Limestone Blocks 400x200x150 21kg

400x200x150 21kg

Limestone Blocks 500x250x100 22kg

500x250x100 22kg

Limestone Blocks 500x300x100 24kg

500x300x100 24kg

Limestone Blocks 500x250x150 32kg

500x250x150 32kg