We Offer the Following Delivery Options

Free 2 Hour Trailer Use

The following conditions apply:

  • Only to be used to take products from the yard to your home
  • No tip trips
  • No overnight use
  • Trailer bookings not accepted

Unsure how many trailer loads of soil or mulch you’ll need? Try our handy calculator.

Truck Delivery for a Small Fee

If you do not feel like using one of our complimentary trailers to transport your goods home, or it will simply take too many trips, we are able to deliver to many suburbs in and around the Cockburn area. We have a number of trucks available at our disposal so we can accommodate you even if you have a restricted access. But please take into account that when deliveries are made we need space for the trucks to be able to tip.

Please call the office for a quote on product and delivery. We can even take payment over the phone so you do not have to make the trip down.

Bibra Lake Soils Trailer
Bibra Lake Soils Trucks

Our Range of Delivery Trucks

Bibra Lake Soils Small Truck

Small Truck

Max Carrying Capacity
(Cubic Metres)
Sand      3
Mulch     4

Dimensions (Metres)
Hight         2.3
Width        3.0
Length       5.3

Tipping Hight    4.0

Bibra Lake Soils Large Truck

Large Truck

Max Carrying Capacity
 (Cubic Metres)
Sand       5
Mulch     10

Dimensions (Metres)
Hight         3.5
Width        3.5
Length       7.0

Tipping Hight    6.5

Blue truck - Bibra Lake Soils

Blue Truck

Max Carrying Capacity
 (Cubic Metres)
Sand      2.5
Mulch     3.5

Dimensions (Metres)
Hight         2.0
Width        2.1
Length       4.7

Tipping Hight    3.5.