Red Gum Wood Chips

Why Use Red Gum Wood Chips?

Boost your garden’s health and aesthetic with Red Gum Wood Chips, providing natural weed suppression, effective moisture retention, enhanced soil health, temperature moderation, and erosion control, all while adding a distinctive, vibrant touch to your landscape.

  • Nutrient-Rich Decomposition: Red gum wood chips, being a byproduct of the eucalyptus tree, may offer a unique composition that, as it decomposes, can contribute beneficial nutrients to the soil that are different from other wood chips.
  • Pest Repellent Qualities: Some gardeners believe that the natural oils present in eucalyptus (from which red gum wood chips are derived) can act as a mild pest repellent, although this benefit can vary and is more anecdotal than scientifically proven.
  • Natural Weed Suppression: These chips form a dense layer that helps prevent weed growth, allowing your garden to remain pristine and your plants to flourish without competing for nutrients.
  • Effective Moisture Retention: Red Gum Wood Chips reduce the evaporation of water from the soil, keeping it consistently moist, which is crucial for plant health and reducing the need for frequent watering.
  • Soil Health Enhancement: As they gradually break down, these wood chips contribute organic matter to the soil, enriching it with nutrients and improving soil structure for better plant support and growth.
  • Temperature Moderation: They act as an insulating layer over the soil, protecting plant roots from extreme temperatures by keeping the soil cooler in summer and warmer in winter.
  • Erosion Control: Especially beneficial for sloped areas, Red Gum Wood Chips help to stabilise the soil, preventing erosion caused by wind and water runoff.
  • Distinctive Aesthetic Appeal: The rich, red hue of the wood chips brings a warm, natural look to your garden, enhancing its overall appearance and complementing both green spaces and floral arrangements.

Milled Red Gum (a hard wood) chips. These chips are larger than the Pine Bark mulch variety.

How to Use

Accessible to gardeners of all skill levels, just distribute a 2-3 inch layer around your plants and throughout your garden beds to enjoy these benefits. Red Gum Wood Chips are an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance the functionality and visual appeal of their outdoor spaces.


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