Premium Red Mulch

Crushed bark and wood that is blended and colour injected, with a high UV resistance to fading. This is critical for Perth mulch as the summer climate can be harsh and usually wood chips go grey over time.

Why Use Premium Red Mulch?

Elevate your garden’s vibrancy and vitality with Premium Red Mulch, crafted to offer exceptional weed control, outstanding moisture retention, soil fertility enhancement, effective temperature regulation, and robust erosion prevention, all while delivering a bold, eye-catching aesthetic.

  • Vibrant Colour: The bold, red colour of this mulch can add a dramatic flair to your garden, enhancing curb appeal and complementing green foliage and flowers. It’s especially popular for creating visually striking landscapes.
  • Colour Longevity: Premium red mulches are often dyed with colorants that resist fading, maintaining their vibrant appearance longer than some natural mulches. This can reduce the frequency of mulch replacement to keep your garden looking fresh.
  • Superior Weed Suppression: Establishes a thick barrier that diminishes weed growth, enabling your plants to thrive in a nutrient-rich environment without competition.
  • Enhanced Moisture Retention: This mulch acts to significantly decrease water evaporation, keeping the soil moist and reducing the need for frequent watering, thereby ensuring your plants are well-hydrated.
  • Soil Fertility Improvement: As it breaks down, Premium Red Mulch infuses the soil with organic materials, enriching it with nutrients and improving its structure, which in turn supports healthier plant growth.
  • Temperature Control: Provides a protective layer that insulates the soil, safeguarding plant roots from fluctuations in temperature and fostering a stable growing condition.
  • Erosion Prevention: Helps to secure soil in place, particularly in areas vulnerable to erosion, preserving your garden’s landscape and nutrient availability.

How to Use

Suitable for gardeners of all experience levels, simply lay a 2-3 inch layer around plants and trees to leverage these benefits. Premium Red Mulch is the ideal selection for those seeking to combine practical gardening advantages with a visually appealing landscape.


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