Your Spring Gardening Time Has Arrived

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Without a doubt, as the weather warms up and the days are getting longer, our attention turns to the beautification of our lawns, plants, and gardens. There is a renewed energy in the air, energy to get outside, and energy to get chores accomplished.

But, before placing your favourite vegetables, flowers, plants or bushes in the ground, you’ll want to ensure that your soil has the right nutrients, water retention capabilities, and aeration consistencies for optimum growing abilities.


Soil Composition

As most homeowners in the greater Perth area know, our soil is sandy. That means that the soil is missing the healthy loam and water retention ability needed for an ideal growing environment. But, with the right amount of attention and the sandy soil solutions available from Bibra Lake Soils, your soil will be healthy and ready for your spring gardening plans.

Moisture Retention

Karri peat mulch newA major concern for Perth gardeners is how to keep moisture in the ground around our gardens, plants, and trees during the sunny, hot days of spring and summer.

Adding weed-free mulch around the base of plants, trees and in the garden will help to minimise sunlight and heat from robbing the soil of essential water retention. If you’re not sure which type of mulch, or how much mulch to use, call Bibra Lake Soils on (08) 9434 2290 and chat with one of our experienced soil professionals.


If your lawn has lost its healthy luster during the winter months, take it as a sign that your turf is asking for attention. We can correct the signs of a lawn in need of help with the soil enrichment products available from Bibra Lake Soils.


“Australia – Temperate” is the climate zone classification for the soil and planting seasons in the greater Perth region.

Why is this important? Because there are some flowers, plants, and vegetables that are not compatible with our hot outside weather. Knowing this may help avoid any disappointments with plants that are not hot weather bloomers. But, springtime in Perth is ideal for an endless number of heat-loving plants, herbs, and flowers. The not-so-secret secret is knowing what to plant and when.

What and When to Plant Vegetables and Herbs

Planting vegetables and herbsWhether you are planting for the first time, or want to try adding something new in the garden during this planting season, it helps to know what vegetables and herbs will yield the best harvest if planted during the spring.

There is a wealth of free professional spring gardening advice for the Perth area that covers plants from artichokes to zucchini. Besides what vegetables and herbs to plant, the free planting schedule also includes invaluable tips on:

  • What to plant month-by-month in our gardening climate zone
  • Whether to sow the plants into the soil or to start from a planting tray
  • How deep in the soil to place the plants
  • How much space you need between plants
  • The time needed for a full growth cycle
  • Compatible plants to grow nearby
  • What plants are not good companions
  • Hints on how to prepare plants for eating

You can increase the healthy growth of your plants by adding beneficial fertilisers, manures, and nutrients available at Bibra Lake Soils. If you have questions about which gardening products will work best for your gardening needs, call (08) 9434 2290 to speak with one of our gardening staff members.

What and When to Plant Flowers

Perth flowersA beautiful flower garden is lovely to look at, a source of amazing aromas, and an added aesthetic to your outdoor décor. Knowing which flowers to plant and when to plant them during the spring gardening season in the Perth area helps you achieve an array of colourful blooms.

Also available with the free flower gardening guide, are timely tips on gardening chores, month-by-month, to keep your soil and gardening locations healthy, well-rooted, and productive.

Bibra Lake Soils offers flower growing products to support the roots and growing abilities of potted and vine loving flowers. For questions about our flowering enhancement products, call us on (08) 9434 2290 to talk with one of our gardening staff members.

Whatever your spring gardening plans are, whether it is enriching the soil, reviving a lawn, adding water retention ability, boosting the health of vegetable and flower gardens, or planting new trees, using the right supplies will keep your plans vibrant from spring through to autumn.

We invite you to come to visit Bibra Lake Soils to see our full line of landscaping and gardening products. We are open 7 days a week and our staff of friendly, professional soil experts is ready to answer any of your gardening concerns.