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A healthy garden is an achievement to be admired, and something to be consumed in the case of fruits and vegetables. But, a healthy garden also requires time and attention that begins with the soil preparation for planting the first seeds, plants, bushes, hedges, fruit trees, or any other foliage that will grow on your property.

Bibra Lake Soils has a variety of soils which are ideal for gardening in the Perth region. If you are not sure what your soil composition is or what soil you will need for your garden, you can bring a sample to Bibra Lake Soils for an analysis.

For every garden foliage, there is a season. You’ll love the colourful results of all your efforts when you plant your garden at the right time of the year. One great month-by-month garden planting guide for the Perth area is https://www.gardeninggals.net.au/.

When planning your outdoor projects, remember that flower beds, vegetables, trees, and bushes will grow, thrive, and bloom if treated with the right fertiliser and mulch for the type of planting to be done. You’ll find garden fertilisers here, and a choice of garden mulches here.

How to Grow Luffa (Also Known as Loofah) as a Vegetable or Sponge

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Planning a bountiful garden comes to mind when warmer weather arrives. If you are looking for something different to add to your garden this year, you might think about growing luffa gourds. The luffa, also spelled as loofah, is a member of the cucumber family. The ridged gourd species is the Luffa Acutangula and the…

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Your Spring Gardening Time Has Arrived

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Without a doubt, as the weather warms up and the days are getting longer, our attention turns to the beautification of our lawns, plants, and gardens. There is a renewed energy in the air, energy to get outside, and energy to get chores accomplished. But, before placing your favourite vegetables, flowers, plants or bushes in…

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Decorative stones used in a garden

Stepping and Decorative Stones for Your Lawn, Garden, and Driveway

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Keeping the grass green in areas of heavy foot traffic can be a challenge. One way to keep your grass healthy while still letting family members and friends enjoy your outdoor space is to decorate with stepping stones and colourful decorative stones. The stepping stones from Bibra Lake Soils help to eliminate trampled grass areas…

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Gardener pruning trees

Autumn Gardening in WA

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With the heat of the summer gone and while the ground is still warm and pliable, now is the perfect time to restore, prune, plant, and prepare your gardens for the winter and for early spring blooming. Because of the warmer temperatures in the Perth area, your autumn gardening chores can easily be spread out…

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Gardening with Red Mulch

Spring Gardening in Western Australia

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Springtime, the most beautiful season of the year, has definitely arrived in Western Australia. With longer days, bright sunlight, and warmer temperatures, this is the ideal time to revitalise your vegetable gardens, lawns, flower beds, and plants. As most gardeners in the Perth area know, the one major challenge is getting things to grow in…

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