A healthy garden is an achievement to be admired, and something to be consumed in the case of fruits and vegetables. But, a healthy garden also requires time and attention that begins with the soil preparation for planting the first seeds, plants, bushes, hedges, fruit trees, or any other foliage that will grow on your property.

Bibra Lake Soils has a variety of soils which are ideal for gardening in the Perth region. If you are not sure what your soil composition is or what soil you will need for your garden, you can bring a sample to Bibra Lake Soils for an analysis.

For every garden foliage, there is a season. You’ll love the colourful results of all your efforts when you plant your garden at the right time of the year. One great month-by-month garden planting guide for the Perth area is by the Gardening Gals.

When planning your outdoor projects, remember that flower beds, vegetables, trees, and bushes will grow, thrive, and bloom if treated with the right fertiliser and mulch for the type of planting to be done. You’ll find garden fertilisers here, and a choice of garden mulches here.

Bags of perlite and vermiculite stacked next to each other at Bibra Lake Soils

What is the Best Perlite to Vermiculite Mix Ratio? 

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It is not unusual for gardeners to debate the usefulness of various products or the best ways to care for plants, keep away pests, etc. These spirited discussions often include two commonly used soil additives: perlite and vermiculite. Frequently, gardeners are at odds regarding which product is superior, if they can be substituted for each…

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Mulch can provide numerous benefits to your landscape and garden.

The Basics of Garden Mulch

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Whether you are a new homeowner plotting out your first garden or someone looking to replenish your garden with new nutrients that were depleted during the hot growing season, adding a layer of organic mulch on top of the soil will maintain the content and structure of the soil. While inorganic mulch has an aesthetic…

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Modern garden with decorative landscape.

Limestone Pavers: A Dynamic Duo of Desirable Elegance and Durable Strength

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When planning to upgrade the appearance of your outdoor property, consider the use of limestone blocks and pavers for the ground foundation, retaining walls, stairs, or other special features connected with your project. Why limestone? Because the desired sustainability and beauty of limestone are second to none and it offers you a one-and-done installation that…

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Urban gardening planting herbs and vegetables.

9 Popular Herbs to Pair with Vegetable Plants in the Spring Garden

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Spring is the optimum time for companion planting of herbs and vegetables. Whether you have a small patio garden or a spacious backyard area, you’ll want to reap a bounty of flavourful and healthy herbs and vegetables for your dining enjoyment. As recorded in a popular gardening advice article, our local Perth area is designated…

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