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The majority of the soil in the greater Perth area is sandy. That means that the soil can be loose on the surface, yet have a harder formation deeper down. This type of soil means that retaining moisture can be difficult, but not impossible.

With the right underground watering system, the right fertiliser, and the amount of soil maintenance, your lawn and garden can have the right growing environment. Bibra Lake Soils carries a selection of soilnutrients which will make the ground healthy, workable, and water usage friendly.

The Agricultural Department of Western Australia has developed guidelines which will help you self-identify the soil on your property and what soilenhancements will help to improve the growing environment. If you want some hands-on help to determine your soil composition, bring a sample to Bibra Lake Soils for an analysis.

C-WISE Soil Conditioner

Bentonite Clay – The Healthy Way to Moisturise Sandy Soil

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Without a doubt the soil in the greater Perth area is predominantly sandy. And, as most homeowners know, that means that landscaping and gardening can be difficult tasks without some help to nourish our sandy soil. Fortunately a convenient remedy to help address this problem is readily assessable in the form of Watheroo mined Bentonite Clay that…

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Gardening with Red Mulch

Spring Gardening in Western Australia

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Springtime, the most beautiful season of the year, has definitely arrived in Western Australia. With longer days, bright sunlight, and warmer temperatures, this is the ideal time to revitalise your vegetable gardens, lawns, flower beds, and plants. As most gardeners in the Perth area know, the one major challenge is getting things to grow in…

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C-WISE Soil Conditioner

Sandy Soil Converts to Nutrient Rich Soil with Quality Organic Conditioners

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Whether you are a lifelong resident or you are new to Perth, you know that our natural soil conditions make landscaping and gardening productivity seem like an impossible mission. The good news is that there are workable methods to nourish your sandy soil situation. SOUTH WEST REGION SOILS We are a Western Australia region that... Read More