A Comparison Report on GO Organics Soils versus Regular Soils

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Some soils are best mixed with mulch and soil conditioners.Homeowners throughout the greater Perth area know how important it is to treat our typically sandy soil with nutritional additives and ground covers for healthier lawns and gardens. Add to that our extremely sunny and hot summer weather, and it becomes even more important to shield our soil from the potentially negative effects of using additives containing chemicals or synthetic materials.

Well, the good news is that you can now improve your soil foundation without the use of any artificial ingredients. This good news is called GO Organics soil additives. All of the GO Organics soils available at Bibra Lake Soils are certified Australian Organic. This stamp of approval means that our products are formulated and created to meet or exceed the strict Australian standards for organic products.

To fully appreciate the value of using GO Organics soil products, you’ll want to know the difference between our organic soils and the regular soils typically used by other soil distributors.



Native soil, specifically, is the top layer of the earth’s crust. In the past, before our air contained industrial contaminants, our soil was cleaner and healthier. In modern times, our soil tends to weaken from the synthetic chemicals added by homeowners, environmental toxins, and from overuse caused by repeated planting and growing cycles.

Many gardeners routinely use remnants from their compost pilings. Compost scraps are generally a combination of landscaping remnants, fruit and vegetable remain, coffee grounds, and water. While these pilings are considered all-natural, compost piles can also contain biosolids, pathogens from treated sewage, sludge from wastewater, fat from grease traps, and micro chemicals, or pollutants, deposited from the air. If you used a pesticide on any of the scraps you placed in your compost pile, then those toxins will still be there. Any or all of these components can lessen the native soil’s ability to provide a super-strong growing foundation.



Horticulturists often refer to organic soil as living soil. They are talking about the process of replenishing the soil with naturally decomposed plant and animal matter to create a revitalized foundation loaded with microorganisms full of rich nutrients and minerals. Organic soil enhancements can breathe renewed life into the native soil without the risk of including invisible chemicals or toxins.

In addition to being Australian Certified Organic products, all of our Bibra Lake Soils GO Organics soils are completely natural in composition and do not contain any biosolids, synthetic chemicals, grease trap fats, wastewater, or treated sewage. When added to your existing native soil, our GO Organics soils will help your gardening projects produce more sturdy plants and healthier, fuller, and more tasty fruits and vegetables.

As the organic matter blends with existing soil, it breaks down and distributes essential nutrients to improve airflow around plant roots and it works to hold moisture in the soil far longer than competitive synthetic soils. In addition to all of the soil benefits derived from organic soil additives, these mixtures also help your plants fight off pestilence and disease. So, when you get a bigger, sturdier, and healthier flower and garden yield, there is no downside to organic soil, there are only positive benefits.

Now that you know how GO Organics soil mixtures can augment your native soil with an Eco-friendly boost of all-natural, invigorating ingredients, read below to see the benefits to be achieved with our line of GO Organics products. When you are ready to rejuvenate your soil, our organic soils can help you realize your landscaping and gardening plans.

Regular soil.  Organic soil.
Regular Soil (Left), and GO Organics Soil (Right). Do you see the difference? We don’t either. GO Organics have almost the same appearance as Regular Soil, but without any chemicals, sludge and toxins seeped inside.


We have taken the time and effort to ensure that we are providing our customers with top-of-the-line Eco-friendly organic soil products, including one organic soil mulching compost blend. All four of these excellent products are well suited to invigorate our local Perth native soils.

  1. GO Organics Landscape Mix: As the name implies, this rich organic blend easily mixes with your soil to provide your plants, garden beds, flower beds, and landscaping bushes with a strong growing foundation while keeping the blended soil in good shape. This organic matter is ideal for nearly all outdoor and indoor conditions.
  2. GO Organics Veggie Mix: Whether you are planting in a vegetable patch or a raised garden bed, this blend of composted organics with bone and blood, high clay Gingin loam, and sheep manure promotes well aerated, lush, sturdy, and healthy plants.
  3. GO Organics Soil Conditioner: This product combines a well-balanced mix of composted mushrooms, garden organics, and chicken manure to infuse the soil with essential nutrients to rejuvenate the health and growing vitality of the soil as well as the plants.
  4. GO Organics Mushroom Compost: This is a complex blend of high-quality organic matter, chicken manure, garden organics, and mushrooms well suited to serve as a general, all-purpose soil conditioner that helps with improved ground microbiology and water retention. This particular blend also serves as a protective mulch for ground cover around the base of plants.



When you take advantage of using our range of GO Organics products, your garden will thank you, your family will thank you, and your taste buds will thank you.

For questions or inquiries about these products or any of our other excellent landscaping and gardening products, please call us (08) 9434 2290 to talk with one of our friendly, professional Bibra Lake Soils staff members. You can also email your questions or comments to info@bibralakesoils.com.au. We are open seven days a week for your shopping convenience either online or in person at 222 Barrington Street, Bibra Lake WA 6163.